Practice Ethical Snorkeling

Practice Ethical Snorkeling

In Thailand, these days, the health of the ocean is on the mind of every nature-lover and person concerned about the future of the Earth. If you’re on holiday, you’re probably not giving much to such weighty subjects. You’re probably enjoying yourself on the pristine beaches of Thailand.


But if you enjoy snorkeling on your holiday, there are some habits you can adopt that will contribute to the drive to clean up the oceans and keep them healthy. 

It all comes down to three simple directives everyone learns as a child. The directives cover much of the problems caused by inconsiderate snorkelers and litterers. 

Look, But Don’t Touch

Ocean life is fragile, particularly on the coral reefs of the world. Plus, if you don’t know what it is, the marine animal you touch or handle may deliver a sting that can ruin your holiday. 

Running your hand along a piece or outcropping of coral can damage hundreds of the tiny animals that form the coral. Damaged coral can take ages to heal and regrow in an area. 


Watch Where You Step

The snorkeling fins you wear on your feet, insulate your feet from harm as well as propelling you through the water. But because your feet feel safe, you often won’t pay much attention to where you put them.

This is what causes a lot of damage to coral reefs in popular snorkeling areas. Long branches of coral can be broken off if you’re not careful where you kick your feet. And never stand on a coral reef take a breather in shallow water. 


Clean Up Your Mess

Although the plastic bags and assorted trash in the oceans of the world may not have been caused by you specifically, you are part of the human race that caused this problem. 

If you’re snorkeling on a beautiful tropical reef, keep it as appealing as possible. Bring a mesh bag along with you and pick some trash now and then. You’ll feel better about doing your part.   

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